Ante-natal Care

Our Antenatal clinic is run by our resident consultant Obstetrician

Antenatal care is a specialized form of health activity carried out for pregnant women in order to diagnose disease or complicating obstetric conditions without symptoms, and to provide information about life style, pregnancy and delivery.

Here at Westend Hospital, the welfare of the pregnant woman is of utmost importance to us, helping her through pregnancy to ensure a safe delivery.

Our number one goal is a fruitful journey for the singular outcome of a healthy mother and child.

Look through our clinic days to be acquainted with our antenatal clinic days and activities.

Tuesdays: 9am – 3pm,

Thursdays: 3pm – 5pm

Gynaecology cases are attended to on these days also.    Aside from these days appointments can be booked on any other day of the week.