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How It All Began

Westend Clinic started on full-time basis on January 4, 1978. Our Vision is to attain a level of high functionality and an environment that would encourage the partnering of discerning minds strategically aligned with our goals and committed to deliver the best health care service in Nigeria.

Almost 4 decades later Westend Hospital still remains at the forefront of healthcare delivery in Delta State and Nigeria thanks to our approach of continual improvement.

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Westend Hospital Go Fitness Westend Hospital Go Fitness Westend Hospital Go Fitness

Our Clinic Days

Antenatal: Tuesdays from 10am & Thursdays from 3pm

Immunization: Wednesdays from 9am

Gynaecology: Everyday from 9am

Paediatric: Everyday from 9am

Urology: Saturdays from 9am

ENT: Wednesdays from 12pm-3pm & Fridays 10am - 1pm

Surgery: Everyday

Orthopaedic: By appointment

Cardiology: By appointment

Neurology: By appointment

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We Give Back To The Society That Has
Continued To Patronize Us

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