Mission, vision, and values statements enable healthcare providers to deduce what, exactly, they aim to achieve and how they can provide the standard of care their patients deserve.

At Westend Hospital our key statements convey what we aspire to be as an organization, the way we will work to get there, and the reasons we exist as an organization for over two decades. They are the bond that links all of us together.

Our mission is to continue to change to better serve our patients while we uphold our integrity.

Our vision is to attain a level of high functionality and an environment that would encourage the partnering of discerning minds strategically aligned with our goals and committed to delivering the best healthcare service in Nigeria.

Caring & Compassion

We treat everyone with dignity and respect in a non-judgemental way.

We anticipate the needs of others and respond with a personable touch.

We give our undivided attention and practice presence in all of our interactions.

We listen with empathy and understanding.


We tell the truth.

We take responsibility for our actions and words.

We have the courage to do what is right.

We follow through on our commitments.


We are role models for our organizations.

We create solutions.

We are proactive and take initiative.

We are open-minded and embrace change.

Shared Learning

We actively listen and take initiative to learn and grow.

We share knowledge, skills, and experiences across departments and within our community.

We encourage and support each other’s learning.

Westend hospital strategic planning process