A nursing unit is a specialized division that is usually found in a hospital setting and is devoted to patients with particular needs. Each nurse in a nursing unit has been trained on how to handle different categories of patients. Our nurses collaborate with staff from allied disciplines, including dietetics, medical social service, pharmacy, etc. to provide holistic individualized care in the hospital.

The nursing staff at Westend is committed to providing the best care possible for patients and their families, with a focus on their individual needs. They are driven by a desire for perfection and excellence.

Westend hospital nurses
Westend hospital nurses during surgery
Westend nurse in labour room

Quality patient care and patient safety are the top priorities of the nursing staff at Westend Hospital. Our goal of becoming a dependable leader in improving health and providing care for people calls for steadfast dedication to both.

As we endeavor to guarantee that they constantly receive safe, high-quality efficient care, we invite our patients to join us as our partners.

Care, compassion, and clinical excellence are all infused into our patient-first mindset to deliver:

  • Highest level of care: We'll score as highly as we can on all quality-related metrics.
  • Transparency: We'll be open about both our achievements and the things we want to do better.

We evaluate ourselves using nurse quality measures that have been nationally recognized.

In addition to being valued by their physician colleagues and supported by a dedication to evidence-based care practices and professional development, nurses at Westend Hospital are an essential component of the care team.

With the help of our Distributed Care Delivery Network, you can advance your nursing career and discover fresh, original approaches to practice. Consider being a member of our team of professionals that provide patients with high-quality treatment every day.

Customer service

By taking care of their bodily needs, avoiding disease, and treating medical issues, we serve as caretakers for our patients. Nurses must watch and monitor the patient while documenting any pertinent data to support treatment decision-making.

Nurses treat wounds, give medication, perform regular physicals, take thorough medical histories, monitor vital parameters, run diagnostic tests, handle medical equipment, take blood samples, and admit and discharge patients on doctor's orders.

Advocacy for patients

At Westend Hospital, nurses frequently offer their patients and family emotional assistance in addition to their clinical duties. This can involve listening to patients and determining their physical, emotional, cultural, and mental requirements, as well as making sure they comprehend their therapy and are ready for it.

Care preparation

The choice of how to treat patients is directly influenced by a nurse. As a result, our nurses consider all available information while evaluating patient signs and spotting potential issues to provide the best advice.

Patient support and education

The nurses at Westend hospitals are in charge of making sure that patients have the best possible understanding of their health, ailments, drugs, and treatments. This is crucial when patients are discharged from the hospital and left to continue their care on their private schedule at home.