Westend Hospital has a variety of rooms, both private, semi-private, and VIP, once admitted, a room is assigned to you. The content of the room may vary depending on the unit where you are assigned.

We provide soap, tissue paper, toothpaste, sheets, and hospital gowns. Ask your nurse for assistance with toiletries or personal grooming needs.

Each room has an intercom (phone) on the bedside for effective communication with our nurses (Dial 118) in cases of emergencies, personal needs, or when the attention of a nurse is required.

The bed can be adjusted for sitting up or reclining. TV and bedside phone is provided. In cases where you would like your room temperature adjusted, kindly call on any of your health care team.

To make you have a convenient stay, basic TV channels are available in your room, including African Magic, CNN, and many more. These channels are suitable for patients of any age, gender, or culture. It helps as diversion therapy and helps create a healing environment for our patients.

Our laundry staff routinely cleans and disinfects your room and bathroom twice a day, they follow standard rules and procedures designed for the safety of our patients and infection control. If you need additional room cleaning services, for example, spilled water on the floor please alert your nurse.